• Ed Koch Cemetery
    4 February, 2013

    The Edward Koch Funeral

    Ex-mayor Ed Koch's funeral was held at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan today and he was buried at the Trinity Church Cemetery located in the Upper West S...
  • Shirley Huntley
    31 January, 2013

    Former New York Senator Guilty of Embezz...

    Former New York Senator Shirley Huntley pleads guilty to embezzling over $87,000 of New York State funds, from her own charity.
  • NeuroLogica BodyTom
    29 January, 2013

    Samsung Acquires NeuroLogica

    Samsung Electronics America acquires medical imaging company NeuroLogica to increase it's presence and business in the healthcare industry.
  • TeraHertz Camera NYPD
    25 January, 2013

    NYPD Gun Detector Unveiled

    New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announces that they have a new high-tech device in the gun control battle. This new TeraHertz Camera reads natu...
  • Exxon Apple
    25 January, 2013

    Apple Loses Top Spot

    Oil giant Exxon Mobil overtakes Apple as the most valuable company in the world based on market capitalization.