Psy Breaks Billion View Mark

psy justin bieber

The new k-pop star Psy has finally surpassed a billion views on YouTube. According to WordStream, the “Gangnam Style” video trumped Justin Bieber’s “Baby ft. Ludacris” back in November. Today, this is the first video to ever break a billion views on the site.

Although Bieber has the second most watched video on YouTube, he trails Psy by at least 200 million views. In fact, the “Gangnam Style” video has earned a Guinness World Record for being the most-liked video in YouTube history with over two million thumbs up.

At one point the viral video was getting as many as 4000 views per minute. Whereas Bieber’s video was only getting about 550 hits per minute.

Watch Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Here:

Watch Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Here:

Which one do you like better? Or do you think that both videos are played out and should just be retired?
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