4 Dead in Central Pennsylvania Shooting

Frankstown Pennsylvania Shooting

Yesterday morning, a man in central Pennsylvania shot and killed two men and one woman. Afterwards, he was killed in a gun battle with state troopers. The shooting took place in Frankstown Township around 9am based on the 911 calls.

When the officers pulled up to the scene, they saw the shooter fleeing in a truck. The suspect rammed his truck into one of the patrol vehicles, got out of the car, and began firing his weapon. That’s when the firefight began, that eventually killed him.

Three state troopers were injured in the gun battle. One officer was took a bullet to his wrist and chest, but he had his vest on. Another trooper had glass shatter in his face and bullet fragments in his forehead. The third suffered only minor injuries when the shooter rammed his truck into the police vehicle he was in.

The victims identities have not yet been released to the public. Information about the sequence of events are still vague, but one of the men was killed when he had an accident with the gunman. The other male victim was found in a residence, and the female victim was killed outside a church. All three crime scenes were in a 1.5 mile radius and the shooting was over in a very short period of time.

A prayer service for the community was scheduled for 7 pm Saturday in light of the shootings. It will be held at Geeseytown Lutheran Church in Frankstown Township.

This seems as if this was just another senseless shooting and another reason for tighter gun control policies.  What do you think? We would like to hear your comments.

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