Navy SEAL Commander Commits Suicide

Commander John Price

It was reported today that Commander John W. Price, leader of SEAL Team 4, has committed suicide. The story broke in Afghanistan, where the commander’s body was found on Saturday night. US military officials say the cause of death appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Price was only 42 years old and originally from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He is survived by his wife Stephanie and his 9 year old daughter Jilian. Although he was in the Afghanistan at the time, he is usually based out of the Naval Amphibious Base in Little Creek, Virginia.

The commander has been in the military for about 23 years. He was in charge of six platoons, 24 Navy SEALs, and many Naval staff. His teams were responsible for training police and counter-terrorism missions.As leader of SEAL Team 4, Price commanded one of the nine combat groups of the Naval Special Warfare division.

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