Sea Streak Ferry Crash in Lower Manhattan

Sea Streak Ferry

This morning, at approximately 8:45am, a ferry crashed into the pier while attempting to dock. Initial reports are saying that the force of the collision has injured about 30 to 50 passengers. When emergency personnel arrived at Pier 11 near South Street, a huge gash in the side of the ferry was visible, indicating the severity of the accident.

The ferry involved in the incident is owned by Sea Streak Ferry.  They run multiple trips each day from New Jersey to New York’s Pier 11, each leg taking approximately 45 minutes. The ferry that crashed this morning was either the 7:30am out of Atlantic Highlands or the 8am out of Conner’s Highlands.

James R. Barker, President of the Sea Streak Ferry, told media outlets that there were approximately 300 passengers on board. The high speed ferry is 140.7 feet long and has a capacity of 505 passengers and crew. It was built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, located in Somerset, Massachusetts. The “service speed” of the ferry is listed at 38 knots (about 44 mph), but the maximum speed is 42 knots (about 48 mph). Until the investigation is complete, we will not now how fast the ferry was truly going.

sea streak ferry ny

New reports are now coming in that 57 passengers were injured in the ferry crash. Witnesses describe patients being carried out on stretchers with their heads and necks immobilized. Over a dozen passengers are still being treated out on the dock by emergency medical personnel.

Sea Streak Ferry has not yet released an official statement. However, their website has indicated that they have cancelled all ferries to and from Pier 11 today.

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