Top 10 Domain Sales of 2012


Buying a domain is like buying digital land. There are two primary ways to increase the value of your domain. The usual way is brand your site and name to increase traffic coming into your site. If you don’t want to do all that work, you can just buy and hold onto it until it’s worth something in the future. This method only works with domains that have follow these characteristics:

  • Very few characters (2 character domains like are worth millions).
  • Easy to remember (Names like or are both short and easy to remember).
  • Dictionary words ( with content about food rank high with search engines and are very easy to remember for visitors to come back in the future).

Early purchasers of domains who purchased 2, 3, and 4 character .com names, are probably very wealthy now. I specifically mention the TLD (Top Level Domain) .com because it is the most popular. Other TLDs like .org and .net are not normally used for commercial business and are not ranked as high by search engines. The value of a domain is made of different factors, but it can generally be calculated by character length and website traffic.

If you want to be the next Donald Trump of digital real estate, you have to get into the game and start purchasing domains. Currently, the fees to maintain most domains names are approximately $10 per year. So it is very cheap to get into, but you have to be able to drive traffic to your site for it to be really worth anything. You can visit websites like,, and NetworkSolutions who specialize in web hosting and helping you purchase domains.

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Top 10 Domain Sales of 2012

# Price Domain Purchaser Purchase Date Global Rank
1 $2,450,000 Fusion Media Limited November 1, 2012 10,595
2 $1,000,000  N/A February 1, 2012 1,446,718
3 $600,000 NetArt Spolka Akcyjna September 1, 2012 20,410
4 $500,000 Freewebsite, LLC November 1, 2012 126,908
5 $500,000 Private October 1, 2012 190,653
6 $500,000 Pawel Ciszewski October 1, 2012 570,810
7 $500,000 Palek International Ltd April 1, 2012 595,486
8 $350,000 Gabby Investments November 1, 2012 912,698
9 $325,000 Josh Sackman October 1, 2012 263,763
10 $325,000 Finlead AG June 1, 2012 594,434

Data Sources: Domaining.Com and Alexa.Com

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