Samsung Acquires NeuroLogica

NeuroLogica BodyTom

Many people forget that mobile phone giant Samsung is more than just a manufacturer for telecommunications industry. Their subsidiary, Samsung Electronics America, announced today that it will acquire NeuroLogica. This medical imaging company is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts and specializes in portable Computed Tomography (CT) products.

According to a press release by Samsung, the “acquisition of NeuroLogica is another important step in the expansion of Samsung’s medical imaging business. Samsung will continue to strengthen its capabilities and product portfolio to establish itself as a trusted leader in the health and medical equipment industry.” Currently, the details of the deal have not been released.

NeuroLogica specializes in the design and manufacture of portable medical imaging equipment. Their product lines include the BodyTom CT and the CereTom CT, both certified by the FDA. They also have the inSPira HD SPECT and the OTOscan (only available in the US).

Samsung hopes that this purchase will increase the value of their medical imaging business. According to Samsung America’s 2020 Vision for the company, they plan to explore new avenues to grow the company’s healthcare business. Moreover, they hope that the synergy between the conglomerate’s IT and communications resources and NeuroLogica’s products, will make the business even more successful.

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