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avis budget zipcar logo

Avis Budget Group Acquires Zipcar

The Avis Budget Group acquires Zipcar and pays a 49% premium in share price. The total deal is valued at over $500 million.

Tizen Logo Genie

“Tizen” – Android’s Newest Competitor

Tizen will Android’s newest competitor in the mobile operating system market. Rumors are surfacing that Samsung will begin rolling out phones with the Tizen 2.0 system early 2013.


NYSE Being Sold to ICE

NYSE Euronext is being sold to it’s rival, Atlanta based IntercontinentalExchange, for $8 billion. Regulators have yet to approve the purchase.

Clearwire Sprint

Sprint Announces Clearwire Buyout

Sprint purchases Clearwire at $2.97 per share, to increase their spectrum and competitive position in the wireless industry.

Linksys by Cisco WRT610N

Cisco Selling Linksys Unit

Cisco Systems has enlisted the help of Barclays Capital to help it sell the Linksys home networking unit it acquired in 2003.

Oracle DataRaker logo

Oracle Acquires DataRaker

Oracle Corp. acquires DataRaker, a cloud-based analytics company, with solutions deployed at over 17 million smart meters.

Honda Pilot Odyssey Acura MDX Recall

Honda Vehicles Recalled for Ignition Issues

Honda Pilot, Honda Odyssey, and Acura MDX vehicles are being recalled for having faulty ignition switch locks. There have been two tragedies as a result of this already.

Virgin Atlantic Sold

Delta Buys Into Virgin Atlantic

Delta purchases a 49 percent share in Virgin Atlantic from Singapore Airlines in hopes of boosting presence in Heathrow Airport.

Google Inside Building

Google Tax Discounted $2 Billion

Google and many other global corporations are using complex tax loopholes to skip out of trillions of dollars in tax revenue. The EU is planning to close the loopholes and remedy the practices.

News Corp Splits

Rupert Murdoch Splits News Corp

News Corporation (NASDAQ: NWS) today announced that it will separate its publishing and entertainment business into two publicly traded companies. Robert Thomson, Dow Jones Editor-in-Chief, was selected to be the new CEO of the publishing arm. Rupert Murdoch will head the entertainment arm as Chairman and CEO.

virgin airlines for sale

Singapore Airlines Sells Virgin

Today, Singapore Airlines announced that it will be unloading the stake it holds in Virgin Airlines. They currently hold a 49% stake, leaving Sir Richard Branson the majority shareholder. They have been partnered since 1999.