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Fairmont Terrace Apartments Tulsa Oklahoma

Boy Survives Shootout in Tulsa Apartment

A shooting at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments in Tulsa, Oklahoma leaves four women murdered and a three year old boy as the lone survivor.

Commander John Price

Navy SEAL Commander Commits Suicide

Naval Commander John W. Price, leader of SEAL Team 4, was found dead in Afghanistan on Saturday. The cause appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Frankstown Pennsylvania Shooting

4 Dead in Central Pennsylvania Shooting

Four people, including the shooter, have been killed tonight in Frankstown Township, located in central Pennsylvania.

NIU student death suspects

NIU Student Dies From Hazing

Fraternity members of Pi Kappa Alpha at North Illinois University are facing charges for hazing David Bogenberger to death last month.

Daniel Inouye Hawaii Symbol

Senator Daniel Inouye Dies at Walter Reed

Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii passed away a little over an hour ago, from “respiratory complications” at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Obama Thumbs Up Kerry

Obama Nominates Kerry for Secretary of State

President Barack Obama will nominate Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry, as the next US Secretary of State. He is currently the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

fashion island newport beach

Shots Fired at Fashion Island Mall

Marcos Gurrola, of Garden Grove, was arrested outside Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach, California. He is suspected of firing over 50 rounds from a handgun found at the scene.

Newtown United Methodist Church Sandy Hook

Update: Vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary Victims

Suspected gunman, Adam Lanza, has killed a total of 20 children today. The names of the victims will be released tomorrow while the Newtown community mourns and attend vigils.

Obama Wipes Tears Sandy Hook

Update: Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

Shooter, Adam Lanza, killed himself and his parents during this rampage. President Barack Obama wipes away tears during his live address on the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

Children Killed in Connecticut Elementary School

A gunman kills 26 people, 18 of which are children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.


Fullerton Campus Locked Down

The CSUF campus has been locked down so that police officers can search for robbery suspects. These criminals are considered armed and dangerous.