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Abidjan Ivory Coast Stampede

Ivory Coast Fireworks Show Turns Deadly

After a brilliant fireworks show took place on new year’s eve, thousands of Abidjan citizens began stampeding as they exited Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium. The incident left 61 dead and over 200 injured, mostly children and teenagers.

China Bullet Train 2012

China’s New Rail Line Breaks World Record

China’s new high-speed rail system breaks world records as well as the bank.

Sasago Tunnel Collapse Japan

Tunnel Collapse Outside Tokyo

On Sunday morning in Japan, a tunnel on the Chuo Expressway collapsed and trapped passengers. The Sasago tunnel is 4.7 km long and is located 53 miles west of Tokyo. Official say there are at least nine confirmed victims in this tragedy.

Morocco Plane Crash

Yesterday, a C-130 transport plane crashed in Morocco with 78 people confirmed dead.

Terror Attack At Moscow Airport

Earlier today, there was an attack on their busiest airport at approximately 4:40pm Moscow time. Current speculations are saying there at least 32 confirmed deaths as a result of this…

Russian Oil Tanker Hijacked

Last night, Somali pirates hijacked a Russian oil tanker 550 miles off their country’s coast. The attack on the 106,000 ton tanker, name Moscow University, prompted Russian officials to send…

6.5 Quake Off Taiwan Coast

Yesterday, the USGS reported a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan waters. Luckily, the center of the quake was about 170 miles southeast of T’ai-Tung, Taiwan. The quake was powerful enough…

China Sterilizes Citizens

In an attempt to keep in line with the “one child per couple rule,” China plans to sterilize those whom have violated this birth control policy. Doctors in China have…

Strong 6.9 Quake Hits Qinghai China

Just a couple of hours ago, the USGS reported a 6.9 magnitude quake hit the southern region of Qinghai, China. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the remote…

6.3 Magnitude Quake in Spain

At around 6pm today, the USGS reported a 6.3 magnitude quake in Spain. The center of the quake struck just 15 miles south east of the city of Granada. There…

Strong 6.8 Solomon Islands Quake

According to the USGS, a 6.8 magnitude quake struck the coast of the Solomon Islands earlier today. At this time, there was no immediate tsunami alerts or reports of damage….